The bulletin of the Supreme Court has published since 2006. The bulletin is a periodical publication and published twice a year. There are seven headlines in the bulletin. The first headline is called "New documents, normativ acts". This heading deals with newly addopted legislations concerning judicial-legal system. In the second headline named "The court activities" is published the data which contains statistical analysis about criminal, civil and military cases. There are four headings in which you can publish your scientific articles about judicial-legal system. These are following names:
    - "Human rights and court  experience",             

    - "Problems of theory and law implementation",

    - "In the national and international organization of judges" and

    - "Free tribune".

    At the end of bulletin the information of press service of the court is published. The healine is called "From press service of the Supreme Court".

    In the course of previous years the bulletin has gained sympathy of judges, scholars and other persons who are interested in law literatures. Becouse the bulletin  involves not only national court experiences or national law branches but also the presedents and cases of European Court of Human Rights.